What started Because of WoW?

Back in March 2013, my husband Arcayne turned 40 – a milestone that deserved some celebrating. I proposed an idea to invite our friends to join us in Las Vegas, one of our favorite places.  As I was going through the list of people we were closest to, the list was ALL people who played WoW with us in some form – guild members, podcast friends, RL friends who played.  It was amazing to me… that this game had formed some of the most significant friendships in our lives.

I realized that we were not alone.  There are countless others who have similar stories.  We group together.  We form guilds.  We create our own memes.  And we all share the same common ground – no matter who we are, or where we come from, WoW brought us together.  I wanted to create a place where we could share these stories, to inspire others, and to know that we’re part of a bigger community outside our own circles.
We all share connections, community and friendships… Because of WoW.
In this photo from Vegas 2013: (L to R)
Trelant, Jules, Koltrane, Pat Krane, Petunya, Arcayne, Dairies
Mrs. Petunya (seated)
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