I Kept My Sanity

This last year has been crazy busy, and not all in a good way, it’s been strenuous. I had blah attacking me at all fronts, and it left little room for leisure and fun. The real life dailies were really getting to me, and I used WoW to break the monotony. It’s what reminds me of what fun is and who I am.

With little time to actually play and socialize, I turned to podcasts to keep in touch. When I started listening, I expected to just be informed and entertained, but little did I know, I would gain so much more. The positive energy that radiates from the WoW community is incredible, and the display of leadership is surprising.

I was able to vicariously experience parts of WoW when I had other obligations preventing me from doing so. When I found myself stuck, there was someone to help me through. When I needed a laugh, there were goofy stories and epic fails.

The community’s spirit is infectious, and has carried over into my life in a very positive way. I love the humor and clever wit. It’s what keeps me looking forward.

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