Bad Server + Depression = Great Friend

My First Character ever was on Maiev, i Joined the Game in the middle of Wrath before Achs were implemented. I look back on those days fondly mostly because i was less busy, but also glad not there anymore considering i was in a Spiraling Depression but at the time i didn’t know it.

In Late 2009 I ended up transferring servers because my father played on that server, in retrospect not the wisest of moves. There was a bit of tension having family monitor your playtime, but eventually My Father left the server. I Was on Lightbringer for quite some time, a very low pop 90%+ Alliance controlled server. Despite the Lack of people to play with I Ended up joining a plethora of Guilds, at the time was a jerk and keep guild hopping until i found an okay one. I Was in that guild for awhile i didn’t get much out of it, GM played favorites a lot. I Was still very socially awkward so getting to know people was tough. Eventually, I Started loosening up and laughing with guild primarily because of one member. We both had the same humor and likes for the most part.

Over the next 2 years I Begin slowly talking with her because we connected. And I Really wish i still had the mail i sent, but After spiraling further into a depression i took a risk and poured my heart out and all my Personal Issues on a private message through guild site. I Waited for a short while, I Later got a response, saying she has family members with mental disorders as well and understands my plight dealing with that, as well as the depression. It was her acceptance in that all or nothing letter that allowed me to fully trust her, however she didn’t open up as easily as I. We had to chat for quiet sometime. And Eventually we Exchanged real names, and Phone Numbers. Which at that time since was on a lower pop server, was helpful for me to contact her through text and ask if guild doing a raid or cant make it etc. Moreover, 1-2 weeks after the exchange of info we starting calling one another have hour long chat sessions mostly I was there to listen while she vented or vice versa – it was nice having someone other than family to chat with.

It Was in late 2012, i made up my mind and said me being miserable getting no raiding, having to pug for hours for a dungeon, etc. I’m not having fun for my $15 a month. As much as I love chilling with Dona, I need to do me.

You Would think that would be the end but since me and Dona were Battle Tagged i was still able to Chat with her on occasion.

Since i Transferred to Hyjal My Raiding has skyrocketed and was able to find a great guild, with the same humor. Laid back but still raid 1-4 times a week pending on holidays and work. Because of introduction of Flex Dona has been able to come raid with me like old times. It’s like nothing has changed.

After Getting a new job, I’m a little busier.

Me and Dona have been friends for nearly 4 years, which is Amazing to Say, Has it really been that long!? We don’t chat as much because we know pretty much everything bout each other, except Social Security and that IRL stuff.

Because of her, i was able to get out of a depression work my way up the work place and become a more stable, healthy, and contributing member of Society.