Friendships of Legendary Proportions

It was January 2012 when I created my first toon. My only gaming experiences were arcade Centipede and Pac-Man followed by The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. My first computer was a Tandy bought for business use, but was used more to play Prince of Persia. With my business to run and my family to care for, however, there was little time left for games.

My sister began playing WoW during Burning Crusade and was enjoying the experience, so I asked if I could play along somewhere toward the end of Cataclysm before the MoP release. She taught me as well as she could with emphasis on etiquette and kindness to other players.

It’s relevant to mention that I’ve been involved in competitive tennis for 15 years, playing on three different leagues simultaneously before I had to put down my racquet and face other challenges for a few years before returning. My tennis experience is now strictly social and gone are the days of league competition. I no longer have teammates cheering me on for a win or consoling me after a loss. Gone are the days of giving it 110% not for yourself, but for your team and teammates. I missed this feeling and didn’t think I’d ever feel it again. But I did very recently in WoW.

I’m referring to The Legendary Quest and more specifically the Celestials Challenge where you must fight Wrathion without will reward you with a cloak. As an Assassination Rogue, this meant my Celestial was Xuen at the Palace of the White Tiger for the melee challenge. This is not an easy challenge for most players and I knew it would be more difficult for me as an inexperienced rogue.

So, as taught by my sister, I did my homework. I researched the Quest, I read forum posts, I watched You Tube videos specific to the rogue challenge, I asked other players for their opinions, and I delved further into understanding my rogue and her spec. I learned how to use XSplit so that I could stream and save my attempts in order to review them and tweak my strategy. I did not expect to complete this challenge in a few hours, few days, or even a few weeks. I also did not expect that it would take me two months.

Belonging to a guild such as Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak, I had plenty of resources at my fingertips. There were many friends and players whom I’d never met that were eager to pass along tips. That alone was helpful enough, but what happened next took me by complete surprise.

My game mailbox started filling up with healing pots, elixirs, and flasks. I received enchants, gems, and even gold. And food. I was given countless numbers of Noodle Cart food, the good stuff. I also received cookies from warlocks and some raid buffs. It was the village coming to the aid of a struggling neighbor.

I learned a lot about myself during this process. I also learned that I could repair in The Proving Grounds and didn’t have to fly out of the temple. I learned to use banquets instead of 300 agility food because death came so quickly to me that I could get two meals out of one banquet. I learned when and why to use certain abilities. I learned how to make better macros and more convenient key bindings. I learned to be a better rogue.

I don’t know exactly the moment it happened, probably somewhere around the 6-week mark when I was ready to call it quits entirely, but I began to think of this challenge and acquisition of “the cloak” no longer for me but for my friends and guildies. That feeling of winning for my teammates returned. The cloak itself became insignificant at this point. After all the help and support I received, I would not walk away from this fight or this game. I was not going to give up; I did not want to let them down.

It took me a moment to comprehend that I was not dead after my last fight with Wrathion. Even as he walked away from me, it did not register that I had defeated him. I sat silent for a few moments and let it sink in. I did not feel the excitement I envisioned I might; I felt serenity. I reflected back on the words of Xuen, “Strength used in the service of others is twice as powerful as strength spent on one’s foes.” Never before has game dialogue been as relevant and meaningful to me as these words.

I’m pleased that it took me so long to accomplish this challenge. I don’t know that I’d ever have learned my class and spec to this degree were it not for my time spent with Wrathion.

It is #BecauseofWoW that I was again able to feel that incredibly satisfying feeling of accomplishment and it’s because of @CtRGuild that I didn’t want to let down my guild mates and refused to give up.

Devlynne, Assassination Rogue
Legendary on Aerie Peak

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