What are the chances

I was a new to WoW. I started playing because some friends told me about this cool to new game. So, I played. Alliance Human Paladin from Stormwind. The concept was easy and the game was great and i powered though the content right up until i got to Stranglethorn Vale.
You see back in vanilla the leveling curve wasn’t as smooth and i got into orange and red quests, thats right stuff that is above your level. It was tough going but solo, but i kept going because what else was there at the time.
Then there was the quest that changed my life. The quest was to go to an island the coast of stranglethorn vale on a island. A little about this island, its mostly flat sand there are a few palm trees and one small hill and it is COVERED in water elementals.
As soon as i stepped on the island as under leveled as i was… i was swarmed. I fought and struggled to live and then there a flash of white yellow light and my health bar filled. A priest had stepped over the top of the hill and was healing me. She then proceeded to kill all my attackers and helped me finish my quest. It was amazing. After that, she asked if we wanted to keep questing. I said yes, and we did. first one night, then a week, then a month. then we talked on the vent while doing a dungeon, and then on the phone. Next thing i know we were meeting for the first time. Now we have been married 3 years and just attended our first blizzcon. We game together, we raid together we do everything together. We are husband and wife, we are best friends all because of WoW.